About US

The Chocolate Company d.o.o. has been operating successfully since 2011. And it has been steadily growing ever since. The company’s primary activity is the import and distribution of consumer goods in the Republic of Croatia.

The Chocolate Company d.o.o. operates through two divisions:
1. production based on our own brand mills from the center of the world and
2. import and wholesale of goods

Čokoland d.o.o. operates 12 factories in the European Union and 4 factories outside the European Union. It also cooperates with 4 factories in Croatia.

It is present in 1200 sales units.

The rich offer includes over 2000 various items. The Distribution and Administrative Center is located in Ludbreg, filled with 300 pallets of goods ready for distribution.
Chocolate’s own fleet of d.o.o. can provide fast and efficient delivery to every customer.

The goal is to fulfill contracts with suppliers and customers, to perform their services according to the needs of each partner and customer.
The basic principle of business is quality product and service and the achievement of the status of desirable business partner.


Čokoland d.o.o – wholesales

Jug II, 10  40323 Prelog

OIB: 94207387415
MB: 2830710

Working hours:
monday – friday from 7 to 15 hours

Logistički centar Ludbreg
N. Tesle 4, 42230 Ludbreg

PHONE: +385 42/819 105
FAX: +385 42/819 101